How to build clean, yet high quality backlinks?

The new algorithms used by search engines of today render meta keywords almost inefficient and obsolete and place higher priority on the number and quality of backlinks the website has. While building backlinks requires hard work on the part of the business owner, if one plays one’s cards right, it can be done effortlessly.

Here are some of the clean, legal tips on how you can get quality backlinks for your website.

Start with blogging

Every SEO campaign begins with creating content for your site, and the best place to post a variety of relevant content is via your own business blog. The type of content that you post, whether it’s a product tutorial, a news article, or even an interview, is completely up to you. Just make sure to follow the basic idea of content creation: It must be built specifically for a human reader, and it should be interesting enough. If a reader finds a post of yours interesting, they’ll be eager to share it with others, which will drive even more traffic to your blog and eventually, to your product page.

SEOOne effective method of building authority for your blog is simply to make sure that the content you serve is unique, something which hasn’t been posted before, like being the first to cover a news event. It might take some hard work, but if you’re successful, other websites will automatically refer to your post whenever they discuss that particular topic, thereby cementing your status as an authority for that content. Besides, the algorithm of search engines makes it so that the freshest and newest content is always served at the top of their search results first, thereby generating even more lead-ins for your site.

Create Viral Content

One of the most effective forms of building content that’s worth sharing is to add a spice of humor to it. As long as it’s not offensive, creating content that pokes fun at the things inside your industry almost guarantees that it’ll be share-worthy by just about any reader that comes upon it.

One of the more effective forms of humorous content that you can share is memes. Memes are pictures that are commonly captioned with something that pokes fun at any subject being featured. Because of the humorous nature of memes, readers often share any memes that they find. It’s a great and effective way to make your presence known, especially on social media sites where most of the meme-sharing takes place.

Do some networking

Building relationships with other websites is also an effective way to generate quality backlinks to your site. The easiest, and the most common, method of doing this involves doing a guest post on other pages whose lines of business are relevant to yours. The same quality standards for content creation that you practice when you’re making one for your blog should also apply to your guest posts, however. If this is successful, you’ll get an instant backlink for your site. For more effective results, make sure that the brand in which you’re guest posting for has a very good reputation in order for you to generate high quality backlinks.

Of course, the proper courtesy would be to allow these pages to post a link back to their site on your site. This way, you develop a mutual relationship with each other as you both generate high quality backlinks from each other.

Build Partnerships Offline

Finally, the most effective method on building backlinks for your website is to simply hang out with the people within the industry. Attending offline events that are relevant to your line of business allows you to meet new and reputable people, allowing you to build a strong and lasting relationship with them. Once you’ve secured a partnership, you can then negotiate with your business partner to make guest posts and build backlinks with each other (and to each of your affiliate sites) so that both of you will benefit in your respective SEO campaigns.